Growing Carpet Tile Sector brings more orders.

Sellers have always been strong in the carpet tile market but further orders in 2016 have strengthened their position as one of the leading suppliers for Carpet Tile Coating, Beveling and Shearing equipment. The new orders, destined for Europe, China, South Africa and the USA, have been secured due to popularity and  increase in demand for carpet tile. Sellers have developed their machinery in recent years to meet the requirements of this growth area. Bespoke high capacity Coating Lines for Bitumen, PVC and Polymer backings are offered and designed to specific needs of the customer. Sellers own Shearing, Beveling and Trimming lines are also available, as either single units or as complete automatic processing lines to compliment coating equipment.

For further details refer to our “Carpet Shearing” or “Carpet Coating and Drying” listing on this website.

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